Alpha & JRI Hydraulic Ride Height Suspension For The Polaris Slingshot

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Making use of a hydraulic weight jacker built into the upper portion of the shock body, the ride height system offers up to two inches of ride height adjustment while retaining all of the performance characteristics of a traditional coilover shock. Because of its unique design, spring rate remains unchanged whether the vehicle is raised or lowered. This unique offering gives users a true performance solution while eliminating the deficiency’s of traditional air ride systems.

In just over a year, JRi’s hydraulic ride height system has gained significant attention from some of the top street car builders in the country. “It’s form meets function,” said JRi marketing manager Seth Fargher, “on the fly adjustable ride height isn’t just for show anymore. Our system offers unparalleled performance characteristics by incorporating instantaneous ride height adjustment while retaining all of the benefits of a traditional coilovers.” Eliminating air eliminates numerous deficiencies that can affect the performance of traditional air ride systems.

Key features of the Hydraulic Ride Height System 2 Way Adjustable Suspension :

  • Hydraulic Adjustable ride height. If you wanted you could rest the bumper on the ground.
  • Stock shaft is 12.9mm, these are a beefy 15.77mm hard coated 
  • Lighter than stock shocks and springs
  • Clicker knob for adjust-ability on the damping to dial in whatever your needs are
  • Billet swivel mounting points vs rubber oem's
  • Construction and design allows for amazing dynamic response
  • Fully rebuild-able
  • Custom valving to suit specific needs available
  • Billet CNC'd no cheap stamped metal
  • 100% hand made in the USA!