Alpha Powersport & JRI Grand Touring Shocks For The Polaris Slingshot

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These shocks are hand made and built to order. Normal wait time will be 1-2 weeks after the order is placed.

These shocks are ideal for the individual that:

  •  Goes on long trips
  •  Driven in area's that have bad roads
  •  Wants a comfortable shock for a smooth ride to just cruise

Key features of the GT (non-adjustable) Suspension:

  • Adjustable ride height. If you wanted you could rest the bumper on the ground.
  • Stock shaft is 12.9mm these are a beefy 15.77mm hard coated
  • Lighter than stock shocks and springs
  • Billet swivel mounting points vs rubber oem's
  • Construction and design allows for amazing dynamic response
  • Fully rebuild-able 
  • Billet CNC'd no cheap stamped metal
  • 100% hand made in the USA!
Upgrade your Sport (non-adjustable) Alpha/Jri shocks to the NEW GRAND TOURING 

Upgrade includes all new parts (fixed-bleed shafts & jets) and new seals, shims and oil. Not only are you getting a up-grade but a complete over hall service as well. Performance is still improved over OEM shocks so light duty auto-x, road course, and back road carving will be improved as well. I do not recommend these if you are a aggressive driver, track your sling on a regular basis.
    Please call for inquiry on upgrade.