Alpha Powersport Automatic Conversion for Polaris Slingshot

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Alpha Powersport has solved the problem many people have with the Polaris Slingshot only being offered in a manual transmission. The automatic conversion is great for those who are looking to enjoy their ride without having to worry about the hassle of constantly changing gears. Get rid of that pesky clutch pedal and enjoy that extra leg room as you effortlessly coast down the open road in your automatic Polaris Slingshot. 

This conversion comes complete with a 5 speed GM automatic transmission with a physical shifter mechanism with built in safety features. 

  • Cruise control, ABS, traction control are all fully functional.
  • Built in safety features include in house built shifter that is spring loaded so if it is accidentally bumped it will not go into gear or out.
  • ECU programming to only start in park or neutral.
  • Digital LED gear indicator


As of now these conversions are only done in house. Transportation services to and from your location can be arranged for your Slingshot, please give us a call or email to get a shipping quote and arrange a time for delivery. 715-600-2024