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Forget those bulky towels that do not dry well and leave streaks! Sling dry is a soft synthetic absorbing chamois that soaks up water FAST and streak free! You can dry your slingshot in minutes and in most places with just one pass.

Not only can you use this to dry your sling but use it when you get caught in the rain! Conventional towel will soak and not absorb much water after its rung out a time or two. Sling dry once it is rung out returns to its super absorbent state and absorbs to dry. No more wet butts!

If it gets dirty just rinse in warm mild soapy water, rinse out and voila its clean! Comes with a nice compact storage case that easily fits in your glove box.

Slingshot silhouette is embossed on the chamois and not printed so it lasts the life of the chamois!